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Antique Mirror Individually treated glass gives each mirror an authentic antique appearance Made in Italy each piece of glass is hand finished through proprietary oxidation and silvering For more information please contact marketing generalglass com Antique mirror glass Seam edges before grinding Drilling amp nbsp

Rough grinding

For the mirror I had a look we write Monday evening 22 nov 1999 at the VSRUG who have a mirror grinding workgroup The friendly man there sold me two glass disks at 1500 fr each Their diameter is 145 mm and their thickness is 23 mm One side the side we 39 ll grind is flat The other side has a number of concentric nbsp

How to Build a Telescope IUCAA SciPOP

Before starting the grinding operation keep at hand tow pieces of cotton cloth about 10 20 cm in diameter or side a small tray or basin for carrying the mirror a basin of clean water and a heavy weight 4 6 kg for a 20 cm mirror 2 3 kg for a 15 cm mirror say wrap in plastic or sheets of newspaper The heavy weight which nbsp

Telescope making and Maintenance

There is not an easy answer for this question Factors that determine cost include the size of the primary mirror the quality of components used to make the mounting and the quality of components like finders focusers etc For example the mount can be made from solid Oak or press board A focuser can be made from nbsp

grinding polishing and figuring thin telescope mirror part i

There are many different ways of grinding mirrors The methods I describe are those I use when working at home grinding and polishing entirely by hand Where I refer to machine working it 39 s for your information and not essential to making a successful mirror by hand The techniques described in this article are for mirrors nbsp

Telescope Making Wikibooks open books for an open world

Regardless of the length and size of telescope you choose to make you will find the information to build it here I am going to do two mirrors and several mounting ideas for this the first project of the book I will grind and polish a shorter focal length mirror and a longer focal length mirror Whatever you decide on I will cover it nbsp

The Primary Mirror JWST NASA James Webb Space Telescope

SSG Tinsley started by grinding down the surface of each mirror close to its final shape After this was done the mirrors were carefully smoothed out and polished The process of smoothing and polishing is repeated until each mirror segment is nearly perfect At that point the segments travel to NASA 39 s Marshall Space Flight nbsp

DMSG Mirror Grinding Seminar Intro Delmarva Stargazer Society

Delmarva Star Gazers will host the 11th Mid Atlantic Mirror Making Seminar Friday March 11 through Sunday March 13 2011 at Mallard Lodge Smyrna DE Mirror makers and other attendees should email Don Surles E mail or visit our web site at www delmarvastargazers org for additional information Fee Schedule nbsp

Grinding abrasive cutting Wikipedia

A nozzle is used to inject the electrolyte into the gap between wheel and electrode The gap is usually maintained to be approximately 0 1mm to 0 3 mm During the grinding operation one side of the wheel takes part in the grinding operation whereas the other side of the wheel is being dressed by electrochemical reaction

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Two grades of smoothing powders are listed below for removing all pits produced during rough grinding and scour marks if grinding pre generated blanks The table again advises probable amounts needed to grind each mirror size Again any quantity may be purchased This information is again repeated below for the nbsp

Project 40 Robert Ferguson Observatory

The Project in Pictures Three garages and uncountable hours of spare time have been contributed thus far Project 40 Rocker Testing the Rocker Assembly which will house the 40 quot mirror Project 40 Steve Follett Steve Follett our mirror grinding expert performing calculations for the next grinding operation Project 40 nbsp

OSA Ductile mode grinding of reaction bonded silicon carbide mirrors

Ductile mode grinding of reaction bonded silicon carbide mirrors Zhichao Dong and Haobo Cheng Author Information The demand for reaction bonded silicon carbide RB SiC mirrors has escalated recently with the rapid development of space optical remote sensors used in astronomy or Earth observation However nbsp

High performance grinding of a 2 m scale silicon carbide mirror

Silicon carbide SiC is a competitive candidate material for building the space based reflecting mirrors However SiC is also a typical difficult to machine material due to its extreme hardness When SiC workpiece is machined by grinding the wheel wears rapidly which leads to a deterioration of surface form accuracy

Grinding it Out Archaeology Magazine Archive

During my stay at Çatalhöyük in August 2000 I collected information from unpublished notes and speaking with those at the site who had any familiarity with obsidian and grinding stones I was able to see eight of the Çatalhöyük mirrors Three each were in the Archaeological Museum of Konya and the Museum of nbsp

Gone with the grind RIT student puts new spin on telescope mirrors

30 Jan 2012 Every learned about spin casting liquid materials and thought the method could apply to making concave mirror shapes out of plastic As a liquid The people who invited me to the conference were relying on me to provide them with helpful information as to how we can advance telescope technology

How to grind a mirror the complete video YouTube

9 Aug 2011 The full 40 minute video of how to grind a mirror blank prior to having it silvered Made in association with Terry Pearce and Simon Lang of the Camden Amate

1 0 Figuring a mirror with a full size lap Lockwood Custom Optics

So to reduce the chances of missing some critical bit of information I also expect that you 39 ve read at least two other pieces of literature on mirror making before you start relying on my instruction for making critical figuring decisions If you have any doubts about whether I 39 m right or not remember one thing it 39 s MY web page nbsp

Telescope Making books Telescope Nerd

Five telescope making books Making Your Own Telescope by Allen J Thompson First 1947 In this book the author makes a six inch f 9 Newtonian reflector and he shows us the process It also includes in depth information about grinding and figuring the mirror If you want to grind your own reflector mirror this is nbsp

New Mirror Grinding Super finishing Wheel quot Mr Neo Lapper

The Mr Neo Lapper wheel has an extremely uniform construction that is ideal for mirror finishing and enables consistent polishing without any deposition In addition to applying the unique manufacturing method used for the standard Mr Lapper wheel the range of grit size produced has been greatly increased

Mirror grinding Telescope making

telescope making mirror grinding homemade tripod eyepieces astronomy Mostly on the mirror size you wish to grind and the prices of the local market In the US telescope mirrors are the But first there is a major cleaning operation ahead Close your 80 grit container and put it away In short you need to clean nbsp

NCA CCCC Mirror Making Workshop information Earthlink

27 Jul 2003 NCA Telescope Making and Mirror Grinding Classes 6 30 9 30pm every Friday night except for Federal holidays and major snowstorms Chevy Chase Community Center 5601 Connecticut Avenue NW nbsp

Telescope Making Supplies Willmann Bell

We provide a complete line of amateur telescope making ATM supplies including Mirror kits Pyrex abrasives pitch and polishing compounds

Optical Mirrors Optical Mirror Edmund Optics

Optical Mirrors optimized for specific wavelengths or wavelength ranges are available at Edmund Optics

Stellafane ATM Main Page

Stellafane Home of the Springfield Telescope Makers Inc Springfield Vermont USA Amatuer Telescope Making parameters for two different telescope designs and compare the results for you It provides data to help in selecting a telescope and also provides information necessary for mirror making and testing

Steward Observatory Mirror Lab Home

The Mirror Lab At the University of Arizona 39 s Richard F Caris Mirror Laboratory a team of scientists and engineers is making giant lightweight mirrors of unprecedented power for a new generation of optical telescopes These mirrors represent a radical departure from the conventional solid glass mirrors used in the past

Putting the Polish on Epic Scale Telescope Mirrors Space com

15 Jan 2016 One of the biggest challenges is making a bigger mirror to collect the light First it helps to Our honeycomb mirrors are 70 centimeters thick making them stiff enough to withstand the forces of gravity and wind The instrument uses this information to construct the contour map of the mirror 39 s surface

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Put about one kg weight 4 6 kg for a 20 cm mirror 2 3 kg for a 15 cm mirror say wrapped in plastic or sheets of newspaper The heavy weight which could be one or two old bearings or even a flat stone or an MS plate It should sit easily on the mirror does not slide off and not hinder the grinding operation Tip It is not nbsp

Grinding 20 Ton Mirrors For The Giant Magellan Telescope

7 Aug 2013 The quality of both the mirrors and their calibration is immensely important and challenging quot We have to make this optic precise enough so that when the light travels 5 10 billion light years and comes and hits our telescope we don 39 t scramble and lose that information that 39 s traveled so long quot explains the nbsp

Joy of Mirror Making Rough Grinding Mel Bartels

The Joy of Mirror Making Mel Bartels Rough Grinding The first milestone is putting a curve into the mirror face The curve 39 s depth dictates the mirror 39 s focal length The curve should be spherical Creating the curve can be done by several methods The curve is ground into the mirror face using a grinding tool The curve is nbsp

Ritchey Mirror Grinding Machine National Air and Space Museum

George Willis Ritchey built this mirror grinding machine at the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay Wisconsin in the late 1890s Under the sponsorship of George Ellery Hale the machine was used to grind a series of telescope mirrors starting with a 24 inch and then a 60 inch mirror for a telescope initially intended for the nbsp

Can You Do It Make your own telescope mirror that is

When I started out in this hobby back in the late 60 39 s I 39 m showing my age here most everyone made their own mirrors commercial mirrors were simply too expensive Nowadays due to various reasons the relative cost of commercially made mirrors is much less So if your main reason for making your own mirror is to nbsp

Hand Grinding a Telescope Mirror Make Make Magazine

30 May 2014 This is how you make a telescope mirror out of a hunk of glass

Grinding and Testing a Telescope Mirror RASC St John 39 s Centre

Many excellent pictures If you follow him you will get an excellent mirror but more information is helpful Build Your Own Telescope Richard Berry Probably the best all around book for a beginner The Dobsonian Telescope Kriege and Berry Dobsonian construction

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Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials Testers Aluminising Making Advice Information

Making A Mirror Grinding Tool Amateur Astronomers Inc

and finer grinding grits are used to slowly smooth out the new concave shape and to remove the scratches and pits left behind by the previous coarser grit For a small mirror it is common to use at least six different grades of grits before moving on to the polishing operation In years past it was common to use two pieces of nbsp

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I think we have a collection of Mirror Making supplies unlike any other website We accept orders for various sized grit and supplies and will fill those orders ASAP we try to keep enough stock on hand to fill orders within a week there are times where it will take longer as we order supplies We accept VISA MasterCard nbsp

How a Telescope Mirror is Ground Polished and Figured

The description which we shall give of the process of making one of these glass mirrors is based upon the writer 39 s personal experience in an amateur way How delicate an operation it is can be imagined when it is said that the warmth of the hand held above the mirror in polishing expands its upper surface to such an nbsp

How do you build a mirror for one of the world 39 s biggest telescopes

15 Jan 2016 One of the biggest challenges is making a bigger mirror to collect the light Optical diagram of Our honeycomb mirrors are 70 centimeters thick making them stiff enough to withstand the forces of gravity and wind The instrument uses this information to construct the contour map of the mirror 39 s surface

Examples of super precision forming surface grinding

Examples of super precision forming surface grinding Mirror surface grinding Flatness grinding Straightness grinding Form grinding Mirror surface grinding of resin lens mold Provide the sales personnel at one of our local sales office with information about required accuracy workpiece size and material We will review nbsp

Mirror Grinding Machine Leonardo Da Vinci 39 s Inventions

leonardo miror grinding machine The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering It has several gears in mesh at all times and also has several variable settings built into it This machine was most likely designed by Leonardo while he was either investigating the different ways that light nbsp

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